Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Beach defences South of Alnmouth

World War 2 coastal defences near Alnmouth, Northumberland. These cubic blocks were made of concrete and were intended to obstruct any German  enemy tanks that might land on the beach. Some 70 years later they have proved remarkably resilient, susceptible mainly to the shifting sands upon which they were built. These cubes generally came in two sizes, either 5 feet (1.5 m) or 3.5 feet (1.1 m).


  1. Wow! Pretty amazing, I had never seen one of these.

  2. Interesting historical tidbit.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  3. A reminder of a war that is receeding fast in peoples memories. My parents were part of it, its stories were part of my life, yet this new generation is quite far removed from it.

  4. Such a great blue color - looks like they have a veneer of lapus lazuli.


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