Thursday, 5 May 2011

Polling Day

Today is Polling Day across the United Kingdom. Most areas of the country are choosing their local government but in addition there is a Referendum to change the voting system from the current First Past the Post system to an Alternative Vote (AV) system. 
Since 1950 the current system has  allowed every Government to be formed with less than 50% of the overall vote. As can be seen from the graph below the Parties that have formed the Government have generally  done so on a declining share of the overall vote. The current voting system suits the Conservative Party best and they in particular have been campaigning hard to keep the current system. So is the current system rotten to the core?

for a short video depicting the two voting methods, watch Dan Snow here.

The photo was taken on the Shields Ferry on the River Tyne

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  1. I had already seen the video and thought it was great, simple to get the idea across too. I knew what would happen, those arguing that PR was a better idea just did not get it, the only deal on the table was FPTP or AV. So now we are stuffed for many years to come.