Sunday, 26 June 2011


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A poppy field in the Tyne Valley on a hot but dull afternoon. The poppy is primarily grown in the UK for the production of opium from its seeds for legal pharmaceutical purposes. Other uses include the seeds being used as pastry toppings and the flowers being used for ornamental purposes. Seed yields from poppies are typically 1.5 tonnes per hectare.( source, DEFRA)


  1. Its right on my doorstep that field. Lovely photo

  2. Hello

    I didn't realize that poppy was actually grown as a crop in the UK. Which leads me to wonder whether they need to place guards there when the seed heads develope - assuming that this is, indeed, opium poppy. It is certainly more attractive than a field of cabbages.

    Thank you for a beautiful image.


  3. So many poppies, there are no fields like this near where I live. I love poppies, scenes like these reminds me of those far off childhood days.

  4. thanks everyone for your comments, Charles