Thursday, 1 July 2010

"from fairytale to nightmare"

"The young English artist Tessa Farmer has found a clearing in the quarry and filled it with macabre sculptures: a squirrel whose tail has turned into a cobweb trapping moths and iridescent beetles, skeletal fairies cannibalised from dead insects, butterflies and bees suspended from silk threads in a fluttering danse macabre.In this crepuscular bell jar of a clearing, the art is glass-cased like a Victorian spectacle, flora and fauna turning from fairytale to nightmare." laura Cumming , The Observer.  At Belsay Hall as part of Extraordinary measures

Tessa Farmer at Extraordinary Measures


  1. makes you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AP

  2. I saw this last weekend, and found I couldn't look for long. Slightly repellent, although something at which to marvel.

  3. Rachel; you have summed it up very well indeed; C

  4. Very disturbing. But I guess reality can be like that sometimes.


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