Friday, 30 July 2010

Northumberland Street

Northumberland Street is a pedestrianised shopping street  in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne. A survey in  2004 identified it as the having the most expensive retail rents in the UK outside of London. Its most famous store is Fenwick  ( known locally but incorrectly as Fenwicks) which was founded in Newcastle by J.J. Fenwick  in 1882 and was at that time one of the first department stores in the UK.

The street is regularly entertained, or annoyed,  by buskers and performance artists such as this mime artist yesterday.


  1. Im always fascinated by the ties and coats that stay frozen in the air like that.
    - Mindless Mumbai

  2. Hi Kumal; it's all done with concealed wires I believe, so the clothes appear to be in in a constant strong breeze... a nice visual effect

  3. Great people watching in this picture!


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