Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Wm. Wight Ltd.

Wm. Wight   was founded after the Second World War by William Wight who provided the local fishing fleet with stores and provisions. It's main  business today is with the general public.

"When I first started you came down at six o'clock in the morning and opened the doors and you had a flood of ships cooks coming in putting in their stores orders for the next day or that night depending on the state of the tides- when these boats went out fishing they had to catch the tides to catch the fish. So the boat came in at seven o'clock in the morning and you had to be out at, say, the fishing grounds for seven o'clock at night, well the steaming time between sometimes they were screaming for the stores because if they got out there and missed the tide and missed the fish they could miss out on a couple hundred boxes of fish which in those days were a lot of money." Martin Wright , the son of the founder.


  1. Interesting background story about Wm. Wight and a beautiful picture.